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I was really, really bored. Ha ha. Try for yourself at girlsgogames.com. It's lame and childish but it's something to keep you occupied when bored. *shrug*

Hey look! Another fill and another pretty, pretty distraction! Seriously, no more kink meme for me. But hey, at least this one’s for my OTP. Yay.

This was written for this prompt:  http://community.livejournal.com/glee_kink_meme/3381.html?thread=10193461

Pairing: Kurt/Karofsky with a tiny bit of one-sided Kurt/Blaine

Rating: M/Adult

Warnings: masturbation, self-loathing, self-deprecation, and some general strangeness. May contain spoilers, depending on how caught up to the show you are.

I do not own Glee, Freaky Friday, or any of the songs used.


It was split up because it’s so freaking long. Sorry.


Sorta Like Freaky Friday But Pervy
Part 3/3:


Blue eyes blinked at hazel and hazel narrowed at blue. They both frowned and rolled away, sitting up to stretch and wonder about their pants being around their knees. Kurt blinked a few times before realizing he was wearing silver skinny jeans, not slightly too big blue jeans. He looked up his legs and grinned at what he found. His own member, not Dave’s. His spent, sticky member. He grimaced. “Washcloth,” he muttered. Dave nodded beside him and stepped out of his pants and boxers before going into the bathroom. He came back with a washcloth for Kurt and he wiped at his thighs and lower belly carefully. “I’m sure that’s great for my skin.”


Dave snorted. “Probably not,” he agreed. “I guess we didn’t dream all that then.” He went into the bathroom again and Kurt watched him cleaning himself up in the mirror.


“Nope. Is this how Freaky Friday ended?” Kurt asked. “They had mutual orgasms and returned to their own bodies?”


Dave laughed. “No. They learned their lesson or whatever and returned to their bodies. If they’d have had mutual orgasms, it would be really disgusting because they were mother and daughter.” Kurt grimaced and shook his head. “Yeah. I guess the bitch who switched us is a pervert.”


“Now, now. David, swearing really isn’t necessary,” Kurt scolded him, sliding off the bed and pulling up his underwear and jeans. “Skinny jeans! How I missed you!”


Dave snorted again and shook his head. “Weirdo.” He pulled on his boxers and watched Kurt brush imaginary lent off his pants and grin to himself. Suddenly, doubt flooded him. “Hey, Kurt? You…You weren’t lying when you said it was okay, right?”


“Yes, Dave. I lied,” Kurt drawled sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and stretched his hands over his head. “Hmm. Did you do my entire face care system? Feels like you did.” Dave nodded and he smiled. “Thank you.”


“Yeah, well. I was feeling kinda guilty. Figured it was the least I could do,” Dave told him, rolling his shoulders and avoiding eye contact. Kurt was beginning to notice he did a lot of that. He sighed and went into the rest room to adjust his appearance. When his outfit and hair had his seal of approval, he turned back to the other boy. He was sitting on the bed with the little puppy beside him, rubbing behind the adorable animal’s ear. Kurt smiled. “Do…Do you wanna leave now?” Dave asked nervously.


“Yeah, I probably should,” Kurt said with a sigh. “It’s nearly one. My dad might get worried.” Dave nodded sadly. Kurt smiled slightly again. How cute. Dave didn’t want him to go. “Walk me to the door,” he ordered him gently. Dave nodded again and Kurt took his hand. He caught Dave staring at their linked fingers all the way downstairs. The puppy –Kurt really needed to learn his name – followed them with his tail wagging. At the door, Kurt turned to face Dave and pulled out his phone. “Your numbers on the log so I’ll save it. Mine should be on yours so be sure to do the same.”


Dave nodded obediently. The dog must’ve sensed his master’s unhappiness because he suddenly latched on to Kurt’s jeans and growled, tugging on them. Kurt gasped and Dave reached down to scoop the dog up. “No, Gretzky. Bad dog.” He turned around and put him back down. “Go outside. Go!”


Gretzky immediately did as told. Dave turned back to Kurt to apologize. “Well, that’s one way to learn the dog’s name,” Kurt grumbled. “Gretzky, huh?” Dave nodded. “He was a hockey player.” Another nod. “Ha. I know some sport things,” he said happily, proud of himself. Dave snorted and smiled. “Okay, so, I’ll call you tonight and we’ll set up a coffee date. We have a lot to talk about. The bullying, today, your homophobia, your gayness, my refuge at Dalton, and, well, I’m sure we can think of a lot more.”


“Oh. So, I’m gonna see you again?” Dave asked meekly, feeling stupid but in need of clarification.


“Of course. I’m coming back to McKinley after the Glee Regional competition. I have a commitment to honor –I already agreed to a solo – but I’m not going to make my dad pay for another semester when, if I get out now, he can still have a pretty good honeymoon, Finn and I not included,” Kurt said cheerfully. “So we should definitely work through our differences. And find you a different outlet besides shoving me into a locker. Finn tells me you can dance. Maybe we could work something out around that.” He opened the door and backed out. Dave stepped into the doorway and watched him walked across the porch towards the steps. Kurt turned at the steps and smiled at him. Dave smiled back. “See you soon, ham hock.”


“See you soon, Fancy,” Dave returned. He shut the door as Kurt walked across the lawn to his car. He leaned against it and smiled. He was going to have a coffee date with Kurt. Kurt was going to call him. He felt like dancing for the first time since the half time show, he was so happy. And the best part? He knew what Kurt’s body felt like and what noises he made because Kurt let him find out. He started towards the stairs to go upstairs but the doorbell rang before he reached them. He turned back around and opened the door without looking through the peephole.


Kurt immediately lurched at him, grabbing his cheeks and pressing a firm, sloppy kiss to his lips. Dave didn’t care how messy it was. He wrapped his arms around him and returned it. Kurt reached behind himself and shut the door. “We should have sex,” he panted when they pulled apart for air.


“We really should,” Dave agreed.


The End.


I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes; my endings are always this weird. Ha ha. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think.

Almost forgot! All mistakes are mine and I apologize for them.

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